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Historical Sketch of Early View Academy


Dr. Earl Parchia, pastor of the Mt. Zion Assembly of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. is doing business as Early View Academy of Excellence for more that 11 years. It’s story really began over 56 years ago under Dr. Parchia who has always articulated a vision to have a school that would serve children K-12th grade in a positive Christian environment. Dr. Parchia serves as Principal since 1999.


The mission of Early View Academy of Excellence is to establish a culture and climate of excellence, which is founded in biblical principles.


In the fall of 1996 under direction of Dr. Annie Oliver, our doors were opened with 3 students. The following summer 1997, we opened a summer school program with 51 students and the name Early View Academy of Excellence was officially launched as the educational arm of Mt. Zion Assembly, and in the fall of 1997-1998 we enrolled 150 students K-5th grades. Dr. Oliver serves as Executive Administrator, Dr. Earl Parchia Principal/President and CEO, per the board’s decision.


Each year we grew until our capacity was overrun and added students 302 in the 1999-2000 school year, the 3rd year of operation. We knew that we needed additional space and began to pray for an open window.


In the year 2000-2001 we expanded our school to include 8th grade. In January we moved a portion of our operation into the parish hall, an adjacent building at 4240 N. Green Bay Avenue, a facility also owned by Mt. Zion Assembly and added staff and various programs.


2002 the facility as 7132 W. Good Hope Road (our current site) on this site stood the old cinema theater building containing six theaters and was for sale for a price at $1,871,000.00. Mt. Zion Assembly Board of Directors purchased it and renovated. 100% retrofitting of the facility at an additional cost of $1,500,000 gave us 30,000 sq. ft. to serve more students.


Mt. Zion Assembly and Early View Academy, under leadership of Dr. Parchia envisioned yet another expansion. This addition was completed in 2007 and dedicated at a cost of $1,300,000.


The expansion includes a new gym, 6 new classrooms, library space, new kitchen, teacher’s lounge and meeting space.


Early View Academy now employs 43 full time positions, several part time positions and enrolled 402 students in the 2007-2008 school year. We serve 180 families and have many programs to reach families.


Leadership Team includes:

(Bishop) Dr. Earl Parchia - President & CEO

Dr. Annie Olive – Founding Executive Administrator

Katina Scott – Principal

Theresa Brown – Business Manager

Monica Price – Registrar/Data Processor, Administrative Assistant