Our Dedicated Staff

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Dr. Cora Parchia

Master Teacher/Theology & Christian Education

“We began our Theology /Christian Education classes teaching the students to be thankful to God, parents and teachers and also how to pray. We have branched out to include these topics: God’s Creation; The Bible-What is it?, Who wrote it? Memory verses and Bible characters/stories that teach character development.”

Dr. Parchia is a teacher’s teacher. She gives support to all teachers based on her more than 30 plus years of experience teaching at the public and college level.


Technology/WebMaster_________Mrs. Beamon Technology ___________________Mr. Hanyard

Engineering & Robotics ________ Mr. Tatum, 

                           Mrs. Beamon and Mr. Brame

Spanish _____________________  Mr. Jalil

Theology/Life Skills ____________ Dr. C. Parchia

Mid/High School Assistant  _____ T.B.D


NESI Reading Specialist _______ Mrs. Gallant

NESI Reading Specialist _______ Mrs. Bronk

NESI Math Specialist __________Ms.


Science (H.S.) ________________ Mr. Rodgers

Math (H.S.) __________________ Mr. Paige

History (H.S)  ________________ Mr. Jenkins

English (H.S.) ________________ Mr. Schulte


8th Grade Teacher ___________ Mr. Thomas

8th Grade Teacher ___________ Ms. Brown

7th Grade Teacher ___________ Ms. Siehr

6th Grade Teacher ___________ Mrs. Rock

Mid School Assistant _________ Ms. Reed


5th Grade Teacher ___________ Mrs. Weddle

4th Grade Teacher ___________ Ms. Love

4/5th Grade Assistant ________Mr. Epps

3rd Grade Teacher ___________ Ms. Slayton

3rd Grade Assistant _________  Ms. Caldwell

2nd Grade Teacher __________  Mrs. Larson

2nd Grade Teacher __________  Mrs. Koellen

2nd Grade Assistant _________ Ms. Jordan

1st Grade Teacher ___________ Mrs. Kyles

1st Grade Assistant _________  Ms. Jordan 

K5 Teacher _________________  Mrs. Varnell

K5 Assistant _______________  Ms. Jordan

K4 Teacher _________________ Ms. Kyles

K4-5 Assistant ______________ Mr. Epps


Office Manager _____________Ms. Robinson


Maintenence/Security _______ Mr. Beamon

School Offical "Granny" ______ Granny Neal


Food Services Manager_______ Sis. Brown

Food Services _______________ Ms. Rieves

Food Services _______________ Mrs. Moore

Food Services _______________ Mr.



Transportation Supervisor____ Ms. Stephanie

Bus Driver __________________ Mrs. Lynn

Bus Driver __________________ Ms. Latoya

Bus Driver __________________ TBD

Bus Driver __________________ TBD

Bus Driver __________________ TBD